Hero worship of great musicians is a great 

motivator for young musicians. However, there 

is a point at which we must abandon this 

kind of thinking and create our own path.


If you don’t obsess about and continually work on 

your own music and your own musical ideas and 

concepts, you will be forced to obsess about the 

music, ideas and concepts of others.


Learn how to respect your own unique and 

hard-won  musical ideas as much as you 

respect those of  your role models.This is 

not ego or self-aggrandizement but simple 


A person who manifests self-respect will 

earn the respect of many people, and, of 

course the jealousy of just as many. However, the

person without self-respect earns neither respect 

nor jealousy.



I make music not to impress other musicians. but 

to make the world a better place for all people, 

whether or not they ‘know’ anything about music.

Music with the primary aim of impressing other 

musicians always fails to connect with the vast 

majority of people.