Thursday Sept 30th 

Upstairs at Ronnie Scott’s

Carl Orr and Nicolas Meier guitar duo





























2) The relationship between the Mystic Law and life and death could be described as being similar to a wave appearing on the surface of the ocean and then submerging back into the ocean again. Needless to say, the ocean represents the Mystic Law, and the wave, an individual life or phenomenon. The pattern of waves arising from the ocean and then returning to it corresponds to the cycle of birth and death. It must be noted, however, that individual lives, when they die, do not get swallowed up in the ocean of the Mystic Law and disappear in the same way that a casual observer may see ordinary waves disappearing into the ocean. 

    If we consider that there are various currents flowing through the ocean that are not visible from the surface, the difference between life and death could be said to be like that between waves appearing on the surface and the undulating currents within the ocean’s depths. The life essence of an individual is certainly not extinguished on death. Life and death are simply than the undulations of the Mystic Law itself. Undulations within the ocean’s depths appear on the surface as waves and then submerge again into the ocean, once more becoming invisible undulations. In the same way, a wave of life that manifests on the surface of the ocean of the Mystic Law will on death merge once more with that ocean and continue its undulations even though these are not visible. Then, when conditions are right, that life essence will appear again as a new wave. 

(NL 7044, p3)













3)    Based on the concept of dependent origination, Buddhism holds that all things exist together in mutual interdependence and that nothing exists in isolation. Living beings, phenomena, and their various causes and conditions arise, change, and disappear amid an infinite web of interconnectedness. When we think about it, the fact that the universe is boundlessly interconnected and that the life and death of all individual beings are part of that is something truly wondrous and unfathomable. This is why the law of the universe is called the Mystic Law.  (NL7044, p3)