Saturday March 13th 2021 

8.00-9.15pm GMT.


Featuring participants in Carl’s weekly Guitar Community event.

Tristan Seume, Jon ’T-Bone’ Taylor, Will Hawthorne, Marcellus Taylor, Mark Lawrence, Alex LoSardo, Luca Boscagin and Carl Orr.  A fascinating diversity of acoustic and electric guitarists of varied musical styles; pop, jazz, folk, fusion and more, and there will even be some singing. 

As Duke Ellington said “There are only two kinds of music; good music and the other kind”. We will be strenuously avoiding creating ‘the other kind’.

The concert will take place online via Zoom

Meeting ID: 865 4463 3261

Passcode: GUITARS


The concert is free for those who can’t afford to pay.

Those who can afford to pay can contribute towards paying these fine musicians for their entertainment and expertise at



If you prefer not to use PayPal, email Carl at All contributions are welcome. Even contributions of £1. Of course if you wish to contribute £5 or £10 or £50 or more we would appreciate it very much.

See you then