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Carl Orr’s UK Guitar Q and A. Wednesday June 2nd 6.45-7.45pm BST


Unlocking Miles Davis/Bill Evans’ “So What” part 4


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"Carl Orr is a friend and a great guitarist who played in the Last Ship band on the British tour. Check out his new album 'Somewhere Else'"



"Carl Orr's new CD is a winner in all respects. Great tunes, playing and minimalistic, clean production. Every track takes you on a trip to 'Somewhere Else!' Bravo."   


Randy Brecker 



 "Mr Orr and his amazing music"


Meshell Ndgeocello



"A beautiful, sensitive trip around the planet in Carl Orr’s very comfortable and well equipped vehicle.”


Dean Brown

"Carl Orr plays his ass off"


Mike Stern

"Somewhere  Else is a thing of beauty"

Ian Shaw

"What a joy to be anywhere and listen to guitarist and composer Carl Orr’s latest album, Somewhere Else. My God, each of his albums is better than the last. Somewhere Else is a truly moving musical statement that just doesn’t run the gamut - it creates new ones. I can’t get over how brilliant this recording is… "

Walter Kolosky(John McLaughlinBiographer)


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