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Carl is endorsed by Lengardo Guitars and plays their Milano model(Les Paul Style)

He is also endorsed by Faith Guitars and plays their High Gloss Venus model

Other guitars...

Gibson CS 336

Heritage Golden Eagle

Carvin H2 Holdsworth

Alhambra 5P CW

Martin 000-28EC

Fender Strat Plus


Carl is endorsed by MI Audio and uses their Revelation amplifier


Other amps....

AER Compact 60

Peavey Classic 30


Carl's Lengardo Milano is equipped with JBE pickups


Carl is endorsed by MI Audio pedals and uses the following models

Blue Boy Overdrive, CossoverDrive, Lo-Fi- Delay, Buff'n'boost, Compressor,Blues Driver.

Other pedals...

MXR Carbon Copy and Reverb 

Dunlop Cry Baby Wah

Ernie Ball Volume pedal

Boss Chorus CE-2w Waza Craft

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