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Carl is available for lessons online or in-person. 

The price is $110 AUD for one hour. 

He teaches jazz and pop repertoire, improvisation, technique, rhythm guitar, solo guitar and duo accompaniment. 

For enquiries email Carl at or ring him on 

Mobile       +61 493 818 593

Whatsapp +447940820337





I have known Carl for over ten years both as a musician and a teacher. He is a professional in both fields at the top of his game. He is also excellent writer and arranger and during the first lockdown  I have been inspired in my own work to follow guiding principles which he shared online in his weekly meet-ups. 

I knew Carl first as a Jazz Fusion player with fine “chops” on electric guitar. I have more recently discovered his Celtic influences by way of his work on  Acoustic guitar, after hearing him play both in the workshop and online concerts. 

His ability to demonstrate the essential techniques of guitar playing and path to musicality are formidable. He has done his homework and can share his knowledge without over complicating or mystifying his listener. 

In teaching he has the ability to hold your interest with a personal take on the subject, while remaining open and encouraging others to share their experiences, and knowledge. Carl’s a great “ people person”. 


John Blackwell

Guitarist and tutor at Westminster School


Carl is an inspirational guitar teacher who gave me focus as a giddy teenager, as well as turning me onto music that I otherwise wouldn’t have explored. I returned for some lessons over 2 decades later through the wonders of Zoom to get me out of a guitar playing rut. He’s also a thoroughly nice and funny guy!

Justin Trefry


I took three lessons from Carl and found him to be a helpful and excellent teacher. I highly recommend him and would use him again.

Jon Taylor



I was privileged to have lessons with Carl for a couple of years when I was in my early 20s. He was passionate, insightful, and inspiring then and remains so to this day. Carl encouraged me to work hard and also challenged me to be better. The depth of some of the material we covered in lessons was enough to keep me working on and improving on such concepts for several years. And I still find myself regularly considering how I might use those concepts in various guises, be it in playing at a gig, or laying down solos in the recording studio for clients. Many of the invaluable lessons I learnt with Carl have ended up being passed onto my students as well.

Above and beyond all of this, he’s simply a great guy and someone I am privileged to now count as a friend, in addition to being the best teacher I have ever had.

Scott Burford 


'Having studied under the mentorship of Carl for a number of years, I can say Carl has helped me to become a better musician & a more rounded human in the time we continue to spend together. A truly world class musician, songwriter & teacher of the highest calibre. Carl has a beautiful kind nature & an infectious energy. 

Carl has a deep knowledge of many styles of music & his ability to communicate potentially complicated areas of music continues to help me on my own musical journey.  I cannot recommend studying with Carl highly enough.’

Bobby Quigley


"As well as his exceptional musicality, Carl has a warm and encouraging personality. He also has a broad musical taste and is experienced and knowledgeable in a wide variety of genres. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a guitar teacher”.


Will Hawthorne



'Carl is a master of the guitar and has a lovely approach to teaching, in that he is very open to questions and has that rare gift - 

he answers them fully and comprehensively! He goes over things slowly and makes sure that you understand before moving on.

It might sound simple, but not all teachers have this approach - particularly those with Carl's ability and musical pedigree.

I have studied with many teachers, some very famous, but I have no hesitation in recommending Carl Orr - the teachers' teacher!’

John Brady



I have been a student of Carl’s for over two decades.  His playing and songwriting is always inspiring, and his teaching style equally so.  What is unique about Carl as a musician he how as an artist he not only can technically guide his students to a high level, but he also  reminds his students to be a positive influence on the world around them, and that music at its heart is a form of communication.

Coming from a rock and blues background he introduced me to lifelong love of jazz and all its related idioms, all while keeping an eye on the fun stuff about playing electric guitar.  And of course - his sense of humour is outstanding! 

Carl is true musical role model.


Chris King

Carl Orr is a natural mentor.  He cares not only about what his students play but how what they play effects them as people.  How his students feel when they play the guitar matters a great deal to Carl.  Carl is clearly a master of his instrument but equally impressive is his dedication to his students well being, understanding of music, and commitment to guiding them on their journey to find themselves through their playing.  A holistic approach to what can seem like a complicated endeavour, I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Alex LoSardo

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